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Domain & Hosting

A Domain name is vital for any business to represent their online presence. Get your own domain name and free space for files, documents, and emails with Aripro Designs.

A domain name is used to identify the IP address. It is essentially the element that classifies and differentiates your website from a large number of other similar websites present on the World Wide Web. Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which Top Level Domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains and Aripro Designs helps to register your domain name, make transfers and initiate add-ons. So the requirement to record your domain name will be done by Aripro Designs. This is necessary so that you are genuinely represented digitally and can have a thriving business presence. The domain represents your control of the resource or possession. This is thus an essential move to successfully complete a step towards complete website representation.

We provide

  • Hosting services at competitive prices
  • Featured DNS services
  • The server provided by us is always up to the 99% mark
  • URL & Email Forwarding
  • Full Domain Control
  • Free Register Lock
  • In Addition to 1GB hosting space, we provide 10 free emails. So it’s cost-effective for your business.
  • The service is SEO- friendly for your website

To succeed, marketers must be able to plan, implement, and measure the impact of digital strategies that are suited to today's customers and integrated with their traditional marketing and business goals.Based on its successful roll-out in USA, Aripro Designs is expanding the Digital Marketing Institute's digital selling program worldwide.

  • Easy reachable to clients via social media
  • Less costly than traditional advertizing and Marketing
  • Planning and execution is easy
  • Easiest way to update and load the contend as per customer feedback and review